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Create a safer workplace with ASCTI’s training and services.

ASCTI has the skills, experience, and tools to ensure your organization is compliant with California’s workplace protection laws. We will help you mitigate the risk of receiving costly Cal/OSHA violations.

Our Services

ASCTI provides services to help your facility comply with every facet of SB 1299, including:

A thorough review of your facility’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

If you have an existing IIPP, we will review and update it to ensure that workplace violence reduction measures are a part of it, and that your facility is SB 1299 compliant. We will work with you to ensure this is a pain-free transition.

Complete training for your facility’s Workplace Violence and Emergency Management team

Change can be challenging. We’ll ensure your key staff are trained in mitigating workplace violence, and that they have the tools they need to empower the rest of your team.

Tools to keep accurate records that are required and requested by Cal/OSHA.

Accurate record-keeping is key in avoiding costly citations. We will provide you with proven tools and strategies to ensure your records are accurate and organized.

Consultation on how well your facility is adhering to all of Cal/OSHA’s worker protection rights. This is not limited to SB 1299.

Workplace safety goes well beyond SB 1299, and so does ASCTI’s knowledge. We will help you create a safe and supportive environment for all of your valuable team members.

ASCTI can also assist you to proactively address abusive conduct and bullying in the workplace to ensure that you are AB 2053 compliant.

Work with you to develop a clear anti-harassment and bullying policy.

Building a bullying-free workplace starts with having well-documented policies that are in line with your facility’s values. ASCTI can help you build these policies from the ground up.

Complete training for your managers and employees.

Whether this include making additions to your existing training programs or creating and providing training on an entirely new program, ASCTI has you covered.

The true cost of Cal/OSHA violations

OSHA violations carry significant financial penalties. They can be issued in regards to SB 1299 and AB 2053 for non-compliance under the general duty clause, and to other workplace protection laws as well.

Violation penalties were recently raised to $12,471 per serious violation
Additional penalties may be applied each day beyond your abatement date .


Willful or repeated violations can cost you up to ten times this amount ($124,709).

Receiving a violation penalty can impact the financial health and reputation of your organization. Don’t let this happen to you. ASCTI can help.

The following is an example of a recent violation in the State of California.

General – 2
Serious – 1
Willful Serious – 2
Violations – 5

Details: Citations were issued to the [name withheld] in Vallejo as a result of a complaint-based investigation. The citations included willful serious violations of the bloodborne pathogens standard which requires employers to protect workers from blood or other disease-carrying fluids. Cal/OSHA inspectors found in this case that custodial workers were exposed to infection at the hospital’s collection box for used needles. The box frequently overflowed with uncapped needles, preventing the lid from closing properly. Workers often removed waste from the box by hand.

Proposed penalty: $149,900.00

As you can see, the impact of a Cal/OSHA violation can be significant. We care about creating safe workplaces, as well as the health of your organization. ASCTI wants to ensure this never happens to you, and we have the tools to do so.

ASCTI takes workplace safety and complying with regulations seriously.

We will give you the tools and training required to minimize your risk of receiving Cal/OSHA violations. Contact us today for a free consultation, or learn more about our services.

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